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This Indica pheno features an unmistakable presence of pine on the inhale with a pungency taste that coats the back of your throat on the exhalation. Chem is known for its classic traits of stopping stress as it elevates your mood.


Fuel, spice, and everything nice. Cherry Kush elevates your mood while providing a sense of stillness. It's a stress-busting strain with a sweeter inhale thanks to Purple Afghani and finishes with a fuel-filled OG Kush experience on the exhalation. It’s one that features a touch of spice; not dry like pepper, but a warm presence towards the back of your throat.


You like this because it has Afghani deep in the linage. This is happiness in a bottle. Flo uplifts you from the grips of depression while washing you in stillness as The White quiets the noise, and relaxes the mind and body, which ultimately leads to an alleviation of stress. Flow features a light earthy citrus flavor on both the in and exhalation.

Go with happiness. Go with the Flow.


An indica dominant cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, Ice Cream Cake has a sweet and creamy taste reminiscent of lemony vanilla. Strong and heavy handed, Ice Cream Cake is the perfect strain for a sound nights sleep.


Sweet and pungent, Jet Life has a renowned flavor profile. Parent genetics Jet Fuel x HC Diesel provide a lemony inhale reminiscent of gasoline with an exhalation whose complexity features notes of smoke and combustion. An Indica dominant hybrid, Jet Life uplifts your mood to a state of euphoria while it provides body relaxation without feeling couch-locked.


Known for sweet aromatics that finish with a spritz of lemon, Jungle Cake was bred for its pain fighting effects. WiFi 43 crossed with Wedding Cake creates an indica dominant hybrid that relaxes your mind and body so you can relax and find sleep.


Earthened mint with a pinch of pepper on the exhalation, LA Kush Cake was created by crossing Wedding Cake - known for alleviate the mind of stressful thoughts - with the uplifting effects of Kush Mints. An indica leaning Hybrid, LA Kush Cake produces a state of euphoria whose mellow comedown doesn’t sour your mood.


Obsessively Conscious Cultivation. Unwind tension and negativity with OCC. We invited Wedding Crasher to RSVP flavors of vanilla and fruit punch so Orange Cookies could lend its twist of tangerine to the occasion. OCC lifts your thoughts to a state of happiness with deeply calming effects that come on quick and come down easy.


An easy to consume strain, Secret Mints is both engaging and relaxing; one that's perfect for hanging out with friends. An Indica leaning Hybrid featuring parent genetics Secret Cookies crossed with Kush Mints, Secret Mints has a lemony petrol profile which finishes with spicy kush notes. This is a munchie inducer. While it’s an engaging strain, it’s not a productive one; over-indulging in Secret Mints can make you couch-locked.


Medicine, first. Say hello to Trilogy, an Indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Afghan x Master Kush x OG. Sound familiar? Trilogy is an updated twist on 3 Amigos, our most sought-after medicinal strain. Consciously cultivated to relieve inflammation and stress, Trilogy does wonders for those with tummy troubles; especially sufferers of Hashimoto’s, Graves, or Crohn’s disease. Trilogy has bright green buds and a surprisingly fruit-forward flavor on your inhalation which leads to those expected Kush notes with each exhale.


You smell the sweet aromatics of Papaya, a pheno that provides mental calmness which tends to lead to an increase in productivity. Presenting Tropaya, an Indica-leaning hybrid that provides a clearheaded, super happy high with the taste of orange, lemon, and lime terpenes from Tropicanna. Together, Tropaya taps into a space where blissful creativity can flow.


This is True OG crossed with Kush Mints. Two potent parents with long lasting affects. Treat yourself to True Mints, an Indica leaning hybrid that provides a focused head high. These uplifting effects induce a state of happiness. It’s pungent with a citrus pine inhale followed by sprigs of fresh mint on each exhalation. True Mints is an appetite simulator that quickly brings on the munchies.

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