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Craft Cannabis Cultivation

At Rio Vista Farms, on the Delta, we pride ourselves on the hard work we put into our craft. Just like the carpenter, or the mason, what we do is not just work or a simple job. What we do is a way of life that brings us joy, and with that, we want to make sure you can taste that in our craft cannabis.


When two brothers broke ground on this facility 5 years ago, they had the cannabis community in mind.


They were aware of the inflated prices the everyday person was paying and set out to change that without sacrificing quality. 

Our Current Lineup


Biscottie Fuel

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Upon opening the jar, you get smacked with the smell of gasoline. Once you hit it, you get the taste of a sweet pastry mixed in with the gas. Such frosty, dark nugs look like purple jewels in the palm of your hand.

RVF - RUNTZ 8th Jar (1).png



Runtz is quickly becoming a popular strain, and here at Rio Vista Farms, we can easily see why. Its deep purple color and resin-coated buds attract growers and consumers alike. The creamy, smoky, and fruity smell adds more points to Runtz's resume. It's no wonder it was Leafly's 2020 Strain of the Year.

RVF - APPLE FRITTER 8th Jar (1).png

Apple Fritter


The cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies results in a distinct sweet taste and a pungent smell of a rotting apple. The nugs are light green and narrow but are riddled with amber-colored trichomes. The effects are a mixture of relaxation and head high, making this an ideal hybrid.

RVF - MOCHI 8th Jar (1).png



Mochi is a RVF favorite. When you look at the plants when they are flowering, Mochi is a little like looking into the Garden of Eden. You'll get a complete fruit and berry inhale but expect a hint of mint upon exhaling.

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