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Finished by hand, Pacific Reserve Preroll singles are made from our Hybrid Greenhouse-grown smalls. Each 0.7g Preroll is provided in an Elements Rice Paper cone with a crutch tip that allows the joints to burn evenly while preventing both the preroll from collapsing and flower from being pulled through on the draw. You will find a smooth clean smoke in a recyclable tube.


A quarter, rolled. Discover (10) 0.7g prerolls presented in a recyclable crush-proof tube. Using Elements Rice Paper for an even burn, these cones feature a crutch tip that prevents both the preroll from collapsing and material from slipping through. Perfect for a party or for ease of use you will find the same product as our singles, clean flavorful smokes.


Elevate your experience to an all-new high with our Infused Pre-rolls. Featuring our signature 0.7g of ground flower plus 0.3g of Concentrate, which has been created exclusively from Pacific Reserve material, for a true #FromOurFarm experience. 1g Infused Prerolls are available with concentrates of all different potencies and flavors.

Images coming soon!

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