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Why Farms Brand?

For those who want the best and farm direct matters, Farms Brand caters to you. Top shelf Indoor flower in products promoting flavor first and potency second. Grown in organic soil, using organic and natural inputs, under state of the art LEDs, our methods are not only better for the environment but also for your mind and body.


We provide fresh Farm Direct cannabis and cannabis products. This allows us to pass the savings to you without compromising quality. Count on flavorful potent cannabis From Our Farm in every jar. Experience and passion matter. Understand why with Farms Brand products.


Know and trust where your cannabis comes from.With new strains hitting the menu weekly, whether a cannabis snob or a newbie, you’ll be living large holding Farms Brand products.


Curated genetics providing a rotation of new strains while keeping favorites available. We harvest multiple times in a month, so you will always find fresh perfectly cured flower in the jar. All our products are made with our high grade flower creating flavorful potent experiences.

*CA licensed retailers and distributors only.


Rolled with all indoor flower, this 1 g pre-roll will turn heads as they fill the air with their fragrances. Soil grown with organic and natural inputs, you will find a smooth fresh full-flavored smoke. Cured correctly, meticulously ground, and rolled to create a proper burning pre-roll. High in terpenes and THC, these will provide a top-shelf cannabis experience. 

*CA licensed retailers and distributors only.


Selected strains are processed into many consistencies of concentrates for any preferred dabbing styles. We extract from our indoor cannabis in a way that contains high terpenes and cannabinoids, providing a flavorful full entourage effect. Because we use no chemicals during our grow, you will have a clean and smooth dab. We use no CRC in these products to retain as many terpenes as possible. You will taste our best cannabis in its most potent forms.

*CA licensed retailers and distributors only.

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