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Livin is our Solventless line of products. This in-house brand uses Fresh Frozen flower for our rosins and dried flower for our bubble hash. The flower comes from Pacific Reserve and Rio Vista Farms. Then, it is put through a solventless extraction process resulting in high-quality concentrates. Due to our vertical integration, these solventless concentrates won’t be costly. Livin is true, From The Ground Up.

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Cold Cured Live Rosin 1g

Made from fresh frozen flower, our Rosin is very high quality with our affordable pricing. Rosin is made with no chemicals, just ice, cold water, heat, and pressure. Aside from the plant itself, Rosin is one of the purest products you can get from a cannabis plant. Live Rosin retains more natural terpenes and has an effect of a full body high. From head to toe.

Bubble Hash 1g

Full Melt Bubble hash made from PR smalls. It can be added to prerolls or sprinkled onto bowls for potent, tasteful hits. Livin Bubble Hash can also be dabbed if you have a Dab Rig at the ready. This is high-quality bubble hash pulled from small micron bags to retain the terpenes and cannabinoids without the leafy flavor.

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