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Creating infused dishes has always been challenging, but not with Kitchen Gourmet. Made with grapeseed oil and natural ingredients, Kitchen Gourmet is the solution to creating THC-infused entrees for you or your guests and loved ones. With 1000mg per bottle and 10mg of THC per drop, you can easily infuse any or all of your dishes.

The Lemon Drops are perfect for any "lemony" types of dishes OR entrees. Even pastries! The Lemond Drops are perfect for infusing a Lemon Pound Cake or Lemon Cookies.

The Chili Drops will add a spicy, THC-Infused kick to any dish. Especially, homemade Chili. If you're looking to give your homemade salsa a THC-Infusion, look no further.

The Rosemary Drops have all the flavor you would expect from the potent herb. It holds the flavor well, like the plant itself and will provide a delicious, THC infusion to dishes that require Rosemary.

THC-infused Garlic bread anyone? This is perfect for any "Garlic-Lover" who loves cannabis. THC-infused garlic fries?? The possibilities are endless with Garlic Drops.

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