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The Tale of Ole'4 Fingers

The '60s left a big impression on our cannabis culture. Peace, Love, and let's get high. Cannabis has changed a lot since then, but the culture of peace and love doesn't have to leave. Ole'4 was a nod to the days before scales when weed was shared and measured by lids and fingers. Ole 4 products are a vehicle to put you in vacation mode wherever you may be. Everyone should have access to cannabis and the well-being it provides. Ole'4 is our answer to that. Ole’4 consists of premium outdoor flower grown under the California Sun using strict techniques. Because it comes directly from our farm powered by natural, California light, the savings are passed on to you. Ole'4 stands out from the crowd for being a reasonably priced, potent, fresh flower full of terpenes and flavor. Don't sacrifice your experience when on a budget. Ole'4 concentrates and gummies, made with cannabis direct from our farm, deliver potent, flavorful products making things groovy again. 

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Ole'4 represents fresh, high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices. Weed for the People!
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All products in the Ole'4 lineup are grown at a Sun-Powered Cultivation Facility in the heart of Monterey County.

We've lived and grown here for 20+ years. This is our home and we take pride in where we come from so we make sure to put plenty of peninsula love into our products for you to experience with every hit or bite.

Bagged eighths of soil-grown light assist greenhouse flower. They are priced for budget shoppers. Sun and tech come together in our greenhouses producing selected Mids and smalls for the eighths. On a weekly harvest cycle, these eighth mylar bags containing fresh flower are correctly cured and full of terpenes and cannabinoids. Savvy shoppers will find all the enjoyment of properly grown cannabis and outstanding genetics at a fantastic price. Great for sharing and daily use, don’t be fooled; this isn’t “cheap weed.” Get your fingers on it. 

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Ten 10mg THC gummies made with distillate. Potent and very affordable. Allow yourself to take away pains or get lifted for a night out. Our gummies are Vegan and Gluten-free. Our Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa gummies are made with strain-specific distillate that contains a small, unremoved entourage effect of cannabinoids. Tasty and discreet, get groovy.

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